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Discover life beyond survival

Pain and loss are inevitable in life. Even so, the heartache and fear we experience as a result often causes doubt and feelings of hopelessness. 

How will I ever get through this? 
What will become of me and my life? 
Where was God when this happened?

At seventeen, Charity Freeland miraculously escaped a horrific car accident only to discover a life of unknowns awaiting her. Severely burned and disfigured, Charity fought for her life—and won. Along the way, she discovered that the same fears, lies, and doubts that tried to define and confine her to a life of mere existence plague most people.

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How will you respond when tragedy strikes?

In Life Beyond the Scars, Charity shares her faith-filled story of overcoming unthinkable challenges. She equips us all to thrive by revealing the obstacles that attempt to prevent us from living a life of freedom and wholeness. 

It is possible to find hope amidst tragedy.

Read Life Beyond the Scars to discover or renew your own desire for a life far beyond survival.

Meet the Author

Charity Freeland has a passion for helping hurting people.

As one who experienced life-changing tragedy and found freedom and wholeness, she recognizes God has gifted her with hope, insights, and perspectives, not just for herself but to share.

Miraculously surviving a disfiguring burn injury at the age of seventeen, God has given her a voice to teenagers, young adults, women, and wounded veterans.

She has spent her career serving various ministries focused on helping youth, crisis survivors, and wounded veterans. She has been able to share her inspiration and wisdom at discipleship training conferences, commencement ceremonies, and churches worldwide.

Charity attended the Phoenix Society’s annual “World Burn Congress” multiple times, where she connected with many in the burn community. The Phoenix Society is affecting positive change and providing resources to those who have experienced a burn injury.

Now living in Western Colorado, she enjoys spending time with friends and traveling to see family. She continues to assist and encourage those with whom she comes in contact.

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Grace doesn’t make everything easy. The gift simply and inexplicably makes the impossible possible.

"Beyond The Scars is, at its core, a gift to all of us.

While Charity’s retelling of her physical journey is riveting, it is her amazing detail of her mental, emotional, and spiritual struggles and growth that will keep you from putting this book down until you are done. I consistently found myself saying throughout the book, “I’ve felt the same way!” as she shared her thoughts and questions about purpose, adversity, and contentment in life.

You won’t be the same after reading this book. Each day will become a new opportunity to live, love, and see others in ways you never thought possible. The callout quotes she shares throughout the book will become your guides to making more life-giving choices every day. Life Beyond The Scars is a must read for anyone seeking to find clarity in their life and seeking to trust God more when facing difficulties of any kind.
Jones Loflin
Co-author of Juggling Elephants

"Turn Your Tragedy Into Triumph"

The true and lasting story of Charity’s experience is that how you deal with the pain, loss, and suffering—from trauma of any source—is what matters. Life Beyond the Scars provides you with a pathway to deal with disappointment and pain. It’s the real deal that puts you in the driver’s seat of choice to turn your tragedy into triumph.

Dave Roever, President and CEO
Operation Warrior Reconnect of Roever Foundation

"If you’d like to mature in your faith, read this book.

If you need a silver-linings-and-glasses-half-full kind of life, Charity can teach you what you need to know and do. She beautifully tells her compelling story, accurately uses relevant Scriptures, and humbly explains what she learned from her injuries and recovery. You will benefit! I want to know the God of the Bible like she knows Him. You will, too! He is our real hope!

Dr. Kathy Koch, Founder of Celebrate Kids
Author of Five to Thrive, Start with the Heart, Screens and Teens, and 8 Great Smarts
Charity Freeland
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