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How will you respond when tragedy strikes?

When life-altering tragedy strikes, it leaves us reeling in emotional or physical pain. So how do we get through it? More importantly, how do we move beyond simply surviving the storm to growing stronger because of it?

Pain and loss are inevitable in life. Even so, the heartache and fear we experience as a result often causes doubt and feelings of hopelessness. Trying to make sense of our circumstances, we ask . . .

How will I ever get through this? 

What will become of me and my life? 

Where was God when this happened?

At seventeen, Charity Freeland miraculously escaped a horrific car accident only to discover a life of unknowns awaiting her. Severely burned and disfigured, Charity fought for her life—and won. Along the way, she discovered that the same fears, lies, and doubts that tried to define and confine her to a life of mere existence plague most people.

In Life Beyond the Scars, Charity shares her faith-filled story of overcoming unthinkable challenges. She equips us all to thrive by revealing the obstacles that attempt to prevent us from living a life of freedom and wholeness. 

It is possible to find hope amidst tragedy.

Read Life Beyond the Scars to discover or renew your own desire for a life far beyond survival.

2 reviews for Signed Paperback

  1. Doug Woodard

    What an outstanding and inspirational story that Charity Freeland presents to her readers. She is able to take us through her life as she chronicles a horrific accident that left her severely burned at the age of 17. Charity details her struggles with her faith and the wide range of emotions that plagued her as she struggled to find herself. She presents us with the vivid picture of how she struggled with her outward appearance while she was searching for inner peace. Through her journey she realizes and discusses that her inner peace only comes from and through her relationship with Jesus.
    Through her writing Charity shows us that we all have scars; some we that are on the outside, but many more that others may not be able to see.
    I would highly recommend this book to anyone that may be struggling in their faith, or that may think they are always drawing the short straw. It will realign your humbleness!

  2. Eliana Duran

    I’ve always seen my aunt Charity as beautiful.

    As her niece, I’ve had the pleasure of growing up knowing the beautiful woman she is, and never being disturbed by her scars. It’s impossible for me to look at a picture of her and see her for only her oddities, as a stranger might.

    When I look at her, I see the wonderful aunt, sister, and woman of faith she is. I see her independence, her creativity, and her humility that have inspired me for so long—even though she lives states away. I remember her sympathy and compassion for me as the oldest in my large family, and her offer that I reach out to her if it’s ever too hard. She was an eldest child too.

    In fact, I think it may have been the first time I saw a picture of her without her scars when I was reading her book. And the way my little niece brain works, I view her as being more beautiful now, scars and all.

    When she was twenty-five, her doctor said that the biggest thing that stands out about her is her faith. I 100% agree.

    It is an absolute delight to invite others to read the story of my beautiful aunt. To take up the journey of a girl who was faced with hardship too big for her, but not too big for her God. Renew your trust in the Creator who has stood by the side of so many others as they have faced tragedy. And look ahead to when He will make all things new again.

    Reading what she went through and her journey to recovery was an experience for me. I had always heard the shorter version. The shorter version didn’t skip the part where she looked death in the eye yet lived on—but it missed just how long and hard the road was to Aunt Charity becoming the wonderful person I admire today.

    I haven’t experienced tragedy the same way the older people in my life have. But seeing Aunt Charity face tragedy in her book gave me a more full understanding of life. I couldn’t get enough of it—I flew through the book in less than two days. And it fills me with excitement to see it go now to others.

    I can’t wait to see how this book touches other lives. How it sparks hope in those who have seen tragedy, and how it brings a new understanding to those who haven’t.

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