September 2022

“Pressure”…a bad word?

“I just feel so much.….pressure.  Pressure to be something great, to make all the right choices, to be perfect, and I can’t do it….I’m just me, I can’t live up to all that everyone wants me to be!” The words fell out of her nineteen year old mouth as she shared her heart with me.  […]

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As I have been recognizing the amount of time that I spend thinking about what I don’t have, I’ve noticed something else that gets in my way of fully engaging in today…my imagination. Let me clarify, there are two sides to imagination, there is the gift of imagination that spurs creativity inspiration discernment wisdom revelation

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What I Don’t Have….

“…The joy that is missing, that you want to have will come from thanking God for what you do have, don’t worry about thanking Him for what you don’t have yet.” These words have been running through my mind.  Joy is truly something I want more of.  I’m generally at peace with my life and

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First and Foremost

I grew up a Christian.  I loved God the best that I could understand as a child.  I reached my teenage years and I decided that following God’s rules were too constraining.  I was naive, I felt foolish, I was embarrassed all the time.  I walked away from what I was taught and tried to

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